Sunday, March 16, 2014

In The Service Of What? Hyperlinks

This week's article, "In The Service of What?" by Joseph Khane and Joel Westheimer made me think about where else I have seen projects such as the ones described in the article, but also like the one we are currently doing for our class.

The author's main question is in the service of what?, and I think it is a good question. The website that the link brings you to is all about the service learning requirements in Wisconsin and why they use it. While Wisconsin isn't Rhode Island the ideas can be transferred over into our own state. When you click on the other links on the website you can see the standards that the state has for service learning projects and also the research that the state has done in order to decide if they will use these projects. The second website link brings you to a website from Carlton College and tells you why they use service learning projects in their classrooms.

When the authors began describing the two cases that they studied when writing this article the first one immediately made me think of something my high school had us do. In our US Democracy class the students put on a Democracy night at the end of the quarter in which everyone in the community is welcome to come and see the students projects. While our democracy night is different from what the authors were describing it is related in that it gets the students involved in problems in the community and makes them think of ways to bring about change.


  1. Great post Miss Cathy!
    Love your pictures, especially the last one, I don't know why. I also liked the triangle picture because it really gets at what we have been doing in class with the 'what? so what? now what?' idea. Overall good job.

  2. Cathy, Those are some great links to demonstrate your points. I was quite impressed by Wisconsin's recognition of service learning requiring students to research and plan so that they can initiate positive needed reform. Nice job!

  3. I really like this post because a) you did a great job of linking pertinent and interesting materials and b) it's neat to see that service learning is an idea that is put to use all over, not just in isolated incidents here and there. I also like the last picture because now that I've had some personal experience with service learning, it takes on a whole new dimension additional to what I had previously thought. Great post!